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Moulding and chocolate filling

First, you discovered all the tools, then you became a pro at chocolate tempering. Now what? Make them into beautiful shapes!

Here we will learn how to mould the chocolate and get some ideas to fill them with delicious preparations.


Moulding your chocolate

First of all, we need to make sure we have a good amount of fluid and tempered chocolate.

From there, it is really easy.


  • Prepare your mould by making sure it is clean and perfectly dry.
  • Prepare a sheet of parchment paper and set it in a baking pan or on your countertop.


  • Use a ladle to fill all the holes completely with tempered chocolate. Don't worry, we will be able to get the excess later and reuse it.
  • Tap the side of the mould a few times to let the chocolate settle in the holes
  • Use the large spatulas (offset or triangle) to scrap the excess of chocolate.
  • Turn the mould upside-down over your baking sheet. Let the chocolate drip so only a shell forms on the side of each hole. While it's upside down, use your spatula again to remove the excess and keep the edge of the chocolate clean and sharp.
  • Set the mould on a rack or use the edge of your baking sheet to let the chocolate drip for 2 minutes. 
  • Give it one more wipe with the spatulas to clear the excess. You can now let the chocolate set.

Filling the chocolate

You now have perfect shapes, ready to be filled. You know have multiple options.

We recommend the classic ganache (a mix of chocolate and cream), caramel, marzipan. You can also add roasted nuts (hazelnuts works great).

Fill in the shapes with your preparation. You can use a piping bag to keep everything tidy. Don't forget to leave room to close the chocolate with a bottom layer of tempered chocolate.

After you fill in the bonbon, we recommend you let it sit for a few hours. It makes the closing easier.

Closing the chocolate works like moulding. Add a small quantity of tempered chocolate and then wipe the excess with the spatulas.

We know you want to taste them already, but they are ready to unmould after at least 12 hours. Then you can simply turn the mould upside down and let them fall over with a few taps.




We get it, it's easier with videos! So we highly recommend this short clip from Valhorona. They use pre tempered chocolate, but all the following steps are clearly demonstrated :