Complete canning and preserving kit

$89 $99

Homemade preserves, jam, tomato sauce or pickles are so great to have year round. And truth is they are not that hard to make! When you have to proper tools, that is.

With our kit, you have everything you need to start your first batch, and take advantage of all the great fruits and produce available in this season.

This pack includes :

- A 21qrt pot with lid. The perfect size for up to 7 large Mason jar

- 6 pint size and 6 250ml size Mason jar with lids.

- A jar rack, rust free, BPA free and dishwasher ready

- A magnetic wand for the lids

- A sturdy jar holder to get the jar out of the pot safely

- A wide opening stainless steel funnel

- A jar size spatula


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