Pack It Up

"Nothing a cocktail can't fix"


Spritz over IPA, Daiquiri over Chardonnais and definitively Pina Sazenac over Perrier? You'll never wander past the usual Gin&Tonic at home, but explore every craft cocktails bar in your city?

Pack It Up has the perfect mixology starter packs for you. Let's pick yours

First, the tools

"Definitely the best gift I could hope for my boyfriend, and now I got to enjoy amazing cocktails. Win Win!"

Let's get inspired

Cocktail d'automne

The ingredients :
  • 1 1/2 oz de Ungava Gin
  • 1/4 iz de jus de citron
  • 1/2 oz de sirop simple de miel infusé au thym
  • du moût de pomme pétillant
  • un bitter d'amertume
  • du thym frais
What to do :
  • Dans le fond d'un long verre highball, dépose quelques canneberges congelées
  • Ensuite, ajoute quelques gouttes d'amertume et allong avec le moût de pomme pétillant.
  • Décore le tout d'une rondelle de citron piquée d'un bouquet de thym frais!

Inspired? Order a pack and let's prepare your first real cockail.

What's a "double strain"?
To get a perfectly clear cocktail, it's better to double strain. It filters citrus pulps and small shards of ice which would dilute the cocktail. To do so, simple use at the same time a Hawthorne strainer out of the shaker and a mini-strainer over the gla

Beyond theory

If you want to learn more and receice tips from pros and trained teachers, L'École du bar de Montréal, a famous bartending school, and Pack It Up organise workshops. Practice makes perfect.