Advanced Mixology kit

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Want to prepare the best cocktails, from true classic to extravagante home creation? Our kit, built with our friend from the École du bar de Montréal, has all the essentials to learn and master new skills.

This kit includes :

- 1 Yarai Pitcher 400ml with Hawthorne (Final Touch)
- 1 Shaker (your choice of Traditionnal or 2-piece Boston)
- 1 Mixing spoon (Final Touch)
- 1 Mini strainer (Oxo)
- 1 10"x6" cutting board
- 1 Muddler
- 1 Jigger (1oz and 2oz)
- 1 Squeezer
- 1 Bottle opener (made in Italy)

We add a 2" icecubes silicone ice tray for FREE with every packs (value 10$)

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