Pack It Up

So much fun in the kitchen

From daily lunches to memorable family dinner party, cooking plays a big part in our life. So why settle for mediocre when you could have great products?

Pack It Up carefully selects durable cooking tools of amazing value. You'll be ready for your next 10'000 meals.

First, you'll need some tools

Practice beyond theory

Do you really need 14 knives and 2 types of scissors?

Every trained chef will tell you: all you need is 3 good knives (emphasis on good). A chef knife, a paring knife and a seretaded knife. And you are all set!

There are things you can't learn in books! Come join us for one of our cooking workshops organized with chefs and experts. Our workshops focus on different technique, so you will be able to put our kits to good use. $20 rebates with all our kits.

Our Trusted Partners

Created in 1731 in Germany by Peter Henckels, ZWILLING is today an expression of a quality and innovation. The success of one of the oldest brands in the world is based on true dedication to quality.

Great products, with amazing attention to details and quality. That's what defines OXO products and utensils