Pack It Up

Gone fishing!

All those years dreaming of catching the big one or picturing yourself quietly enjoying the great outdoors on a peaceful lake for hours on end.

Pack It Up has the perfect kits for your needs and the tips to help you on your journey.

First, you'll need some tools

Well thought out kits, with lots of usefull products. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wanting to start or upgrading their fishing gear.

Practice beyond theory

Fishing is all about exploring

There are fishing spots everywhere, from city centres to the most secluded brooks. Use fishing as an excuse to discover new places.

So much to learn! So many lakes and rivers! We know the feeling and are here to help. We organize fishing days with our partner, the amazing Kenauk Nature Outfitter or in Montreal where you can try our kits and learn with experts. $20 off those event with

Our Trusted Partners

Located north of the Ottawa River near Montreal, Kenauk Nature is one of North America’s longest-established fish and game reserves, boasting more than 60 lakes. Experience the Canadian wilderness.

The Lake Oscar Outfitter, it's more than 40 years of love of the outdoors and our great respect for nature, With 30 Trout fishing lakes and Walleye and Northern-Pike fishing, it's every fisherman's paradise.

For over 50 years, Fenwick has been a legendary name among fishermen. Every rod they build represents a lifelong contract with its owner, delivering a lifetime of satisfying fishing experiences.