Pack It Up

Care and love for your vinyl collection

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 LPs, you are passionate about your music collection and want to treat it with care.

We won't help you decide if the Beatles were actually better than the Stones, but we have plenty of other ressources

First, you'll need some tools

"The perfect kit when you get serious about your vinyl collection. It will keep mine in great condition for many years to come." Marin, Montréal

Let's get inspired

Holiday Albums to add to your collection

Our top 10
  • A Very Special Christmas, Compilation, 1987, A&M
  • A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector, 1963, Philles
  • A Motown Christmas, 1973, Motown
  • Beach Boys’ Christmas Album, 1964, Capitol
  • Christmas With Johnny Cash, 2003, Columbia
  • Jacob Miller, ‘Natty Christmas’, 1973, RAS Records
  • Sufjan Stevens, ‘Songs for Christmas’, 2006, Rough Trade Records
  • Bob Dylan, ‘Christmas in the Heart’, 2009, Columbia

Practice beyond theory

Learn to watch, watch to learn

Unless you’re purchasing a brand-new, check vinyls carrefully before purchase. Our brush and cleaner can help, but there is so much you can do for a scratch disc. Dust can be wiped, scratches are a no-no.

Come listen and exchange with seasonned collectors and pros. If you goal is to build a cohesive vinyl collection, it will save you time, money and help you achieve your goal faster.

Our Trusted Partners

Music Is My Sanctuary is an independent website dedicated to showcasing life-changing music to an audience of open-minded music lovers. We like their mission, so we get their custom slip mat in our kit

When it comes to music quality, Audioquest is the gold standard. We are happy to include their world renown Anti-static brush as well as high quality cables for your turn table.

In the heart of music-loving Mile-end neighbourhood in Montreal, this great vinyl store has everything you need to find your next great LP. You will find our kits available at their location, on Bernard St. in Montreal.