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Cover the bases!
The essentials

Cover the bases!<br><strong>The essentials</strong> Cover the bases!<br><strong>The essentials</strong> Cover the bases!<br><strong>The essentials</strong> Cover the bases!<br><strong>The essentials</strong>

Cover the bases!
The essentials

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Our cocktail kit is simple, yet offers all the essentials to learn and master new skills. Invite friends and serve perfectly shaked cocktails, ice cold whisky or tasty mojitos.

This kit includes :

- 1 Shaker (your choice of Traditionnal or 2-piece Boston)
- 1 mixing spoon
- 1 mini strainer
- 1 10"x6" cutting board
- 1 muddler
- 1 Jigger (1oz and 2oz)
- 1 peeler
- 1 squeezer

We add a 2"cube silicone ice tray for FREE with every packs

What's in it?

8" Bar Muddler
Simple shaker strainer
2" ice cube tray
Cutting board
Cocktail spoon
Winco Bar Quality Shaker
FREE Dinette Magazine

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Experience for you

A bottle of your favorite liquor, some basic ingredients and, most of all, good friends. That's the recipe to transform a regular evening into a memorable cocktail party.

Because everything gets easier with the proper tools, Pack It Up built a custom pack which will let you prepare at home the cocktails you love so much at your favorite speakeasy or rooftop bar.

To build the perfect kits, we worked with our friends from the renown École du bar de Montréal. This prestigious bartending school trains professional barmen and offers high quality workshops to the public. They helped us offer the perfect kit for beginners and serious amateurs.

Our kits are curated to be durables and only made of quality products. The same products are often used by pros, but are still simple to use and master. We are sure you will learn to enjoy them, so prepare your recipes book, and put it to good use!

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