Essential oils kit


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Beautiful, ecoresponsible and good for your health! Our essential oil kits come with your choice of one diffuser and two essential oils (10ml - certified organic)
  •  Ravintsara (cinamomum camphora) : The Ravintsara is a tree from 20 to 30 meters high growing on the high plateaus of the island of Madagascar.
  • Eucalyptus globulus  : The Eucalyptus globulus or “Fever Tree” is a tree about thirty meters long, native to Australia.
These diffusers use water to disperse the few drops of essential oils that you add to it. An ultrasonic disc transforms the water-oil mixture into a cold steam which creates a pleasant aromatic mist that is naturally scented.


Your choice of diffuser:


White cracked ceramic and bamboo

Water tank capacity: 300 mL
Diffusion duration: 8 hours in continuous mist mode
Timer: 1 hour
Diffusion coverage up to 300 sq.ft
Dimensions: diameter 6.9 x height 4.1 inches
Kyoto diffuser is made with cracked ceramic and bamboo.
When the diffuser is switched on, a light and silent mist emanates from the base.


Recycled bamboo
    •    Water tank capacity : 100 mL
    •    Diffusion coverage : 300 sq. ft.
    •    Diffusion duration : 5 hours in continuous mode
    •    7 multicoloured lights or selection of one color
    •    USB cable
    •    Dimensions : diameter 5 x height 4 inches



    •    Water tank: 90 mL – 3.04 fl.oz.
    •    Diffusion coverage: 270 sq.ft.
    •    Diffusion duration: 3 hours in continuous mode
    •    7 multicoloured lights or selection of one color
    •    Powered by USB cable
    •    Dimensions: diameter 4.6 x height 4.7 inches



Wood imitation
    •    Water tank: 100 mL – 3.40 fl.oz.
    •    Diffusion coverage: 320 sq.ft.
    •    Diffusion duration: 3 hours
    •    7 multicoloured lights or selection of one color
    •    Dimensions: diameter 4.5 x height 5 inches

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