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Pan and Roast cooking kit

Pan and Roast cooking kit

$99.00 Original Value : $165.00

Become the master of the stovetop. Making omelettes will never be the same!

Stir-fry, sear, braise or roast with these two exceptionnal pans.

  • One undestructible cast iron pan 
  • One non-stick Granitium fry pan made in Italy by Ballarini.

They will serve you years, maybe decades!

To top the deal, we add one Oxo wooden spoon and one Oxo heat-resistant silicon spatula.

What's in it?

Cast Iron Skillet

Seasoned, ready to use. This skillet is a kitchen's most essential tool for its heat retention, versatility, value and durability.

Oxo wooden spoon

Natural, durable and versatile, for scraping from pots

Oxo wooden utensils are made of solid, one-piece beech wood, and designed for comfort and utility.

Oxo spatula

Durable, non-stick-safe spatula transports treats with ease

Ballarini Granitium fry-pan

Cooks can't resist its outstanding performance and ease of use. The Granitium nonstick coating boasts exceptional scratch resistance, quick release and effortless cleanup. These Italian-made pans heat evenly and rapidly for energy-efficient cooking.

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