Pasta Making Kit


Making home made pasta is so fun and rewarding. You can experience true artisan pasta proudly made by you with our pasta kit.

    You'll have everything to make your own pasta from scratch. And once you get the basic, just get creative and start making your own pastas, gnocchis and raviolis.

    Discover Massimo, chef and pasta maker at Epicerie Conserva in Montreal present all the tools in our kit:

    This pack includes:

    • Marcato Pasta Machine - with tagliatelle and spaghetti attachment (made in Italy, 10 yrs waranty)
    • Drying rack
    • Gnocchi board (made in Italy)
    • Rolling cutter (made in Italy)
    • Dough cutter
    • Flour Brush (made in QuĂ©bec)

    Extra gift for the launch of our new kit :

    • Marcato "bicicleta" pasta cutter ($35 value)

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