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Vinyl collector Intro starter pack

Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack Vinyl collector Intro starter pack

Vinyl collector Intro starter pack

$49.00 Original Value : $59.00

Collecting vinyls is extremly rewarding. For all vinyl lovers, Pack It Up offers a selection of usefull tools to take great care of your collection and truly make it shine. Our kit is perfect whether you just started your collection or you already have hundreds of discs, as we offer high quality products, in an affordable bundle.

This kit includes :

- 20  Square (12") Record Inner sleeves - HeavyDuty - High Density Polyethylene
- 20 Crystal clear "japanese style" outer sleeves with resealable tab (best protection and totally transparent!

- 1 Anti-static brush by Audioquest. The most recommended by pros all around the internet.

- D4+ Vinyl cleaner liquid by RCA. Invented 30 years ago and still a favorite.

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- 1 "Now playing" brass stand, holp up to 6 vinyls. Spring-like structure prevent damage on covers.


- 10 Shelf dividers, super solid plastic with round corners.


*Our own original copy of Harvest is NOT part of the kit. But it's great to showcase the nice outer sleeves from our kit.

What's in it?

Audioquest Anti-static dust brush

Made from 624,000 carbon fibers, the AudioQuest record brush gently reaches into the groove, pulling out dust and dirt that would otherwise snap, crackle, and pop through your speakers. Don't let those little intrusions turn into big interruptions. 

Bin dividers

Heavy duty store grade divider cards made of High Impact Polystyrene. Used by music stores all over the world! These cards are slanted on one side with rounded corners.

Crystal clear Outer Sleeves

Record Album Sleeves are an acid-free, archival-quality product made of crystal clear polypropylene. Hold both Single and Double Albums. 2mm thickness.

Heavy Duty Inner Sleeves

High density stabilized plastic provides the best possible protection against dust and scratches. These are our finest innersleeves for records. These cover the vinyl & slide into the record jacket.

Slip Mat

This Strong Felt Slipmats featuring the classic Music Is My Sanctuary Logo are resistant to dust & other particles, so will not scuff, scratch or damage vinyl

D4+ Cleaner fluid and microfiber

Use for almost 40 years by vinyl lovers around the world, this liquid helps remove dust and particules, while being gentle on your disc.

"Now Playing" disc holder

This brass, spring-like tool  holds up to 6 discs. Sturdy, with a classic timeless design, it lets your discs cover shine.

Free event with our kits

Having the proper tools is a step in the right direction, but you can't beat advices from pros and other people with experience. Pack It Up will organise this winter in Montreal  an event for vinyl collectors. We will discuss tips to collect, find, organize and grow the perfect collection. Stay tuned, we will contact you with more details soon. (Value $20)

Brands you can trust

We love brands. They provide us with innovative, clever, durable and, most of all, great products.


The perfect kit when you want to start collecting vinyls seriously and keep them in perfect conditions for years.



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Yes, everybody should have the option to change their mind. You have 15 days to return the box. All items should be in their original packaging, unopened. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for shipping.

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