Pack It Up

Starter Packs Made Well

Carefully selected essentials that are built to last and yours to master.

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More Than Just a Head Start

Along with a unique selection of quality goods, all packs come with easy instructions and illustrated how-tos. We’ve got you, bud.

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A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Beautifully packaged inside and out, our starter packs are durable and make excellent gifts for the curious-minded folks in your life.

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Less is more

We believe that having the right tools is smarter than having all the tools. Not only does it save you time and money, but it also means less clutter.

Box clever

Packed to the brim and put together with care, our beautifully-designed packs make great gifts. If you can keep your hands out of it, that is.

Free goodies

The brands we’ve partnered with are as generous as we are, so we like to throw in a few extras for you to try out in every pack.

Expertly Curated

Every item in our packs has been chosen for its superiority and with your needs in mind. All killer, no filler.

Packs for All Your Needs

How we choose a product

First, we ask the experts what they can’t live without. Chefs, fishing guides, seasoned gardeners, adventurers. People who have insider knowledge and experience. Once we know what to look for, we start digging, researching, testing. We ask people like you to send us reviews. And when we’re finally convinced, the product goes in the Pack. If we’ve included it, it not only has been showered with great reviews but it also passes the Real Life test.

Why (re)start

There’s nothing quite like starting off on the right foot. Whether you’re getting rid of a drawerful of old, outdated tools to start anew or you’re simply discovering a new passion, you need proper products that you can enjoy for years to come.

Featured Pack

Serious Cooking Pack

Whether you’re moving into a new home or refreshing your kitchen, tools sometimes need updating. Our Pack includes a modern selection of classic essentials that, if used well, can last you years.

The Pack includes 23 items,  instructions and how-tos. All the necessary, only the necessary.

They loved this pack!
"I spent hours on the web trying to understand what to buy and what I need. Then I came to Pack It Up and it was SO SIMPLE!"
Cathy Rosemont, Qc

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